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5 Tips for More Productivity as a Yoga Teacher

Hands up if you too want to be more productive and get more things done in less time! In this post I’m sharing some of my favorite strategies and tools for creating a solid routine and being more efficient and intentional.

5 Mistakes Yoga Teachers Make on Social Media

Are you sometimes secretly scared of social media? Of posting something embarrassing? Or being simply wrong? It’s OK. No one is judging you here. It’s completely safe to say that you’re scared of social media. You are not alone. But while it’s okay to make mistakes, there are some common pitfalls you want to avoid, like the following 5 mistakes yoga teachers make on social media:

Why every yoga teacher needs a newsletter (and how to get your students to subscribe)

Probably the biggest mistake I did when I started my first online business was not taking my newsletter serious. I had a newsletter and I sent it out once a month, but I didn’t have any incentives to get people to subscribe. All I offered was a meager little sign-up form in my sidebar...

Yoga Teacher Marketing: How to use your Personal Voice for Social Media

Do you have a recognizable online tone? Do you make the most of it in your social media updates? A consistent tone makes your followers feel comfortable so they’re more likely to interact with you. It’s something most yoga teachers never think about – you just start writing – but it pays off to give it some thought!

Which Social media networks should you use as a yoga teacher?

Overwhelmed by social media? Here are some great tips how to determine which social media networks you should use as a yoga teacher. You probably know already that social media is super important for your yoga business. Social networks offer powerful ways to reach and teach your audience of current and potential students.

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Yoga Website

Your website is the key to your success online and it pays to put in some effort (and budget). But when you are just starting out there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple. You still want to make sure to avoid these mistakes on your website though:

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