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Hi, I’m Susanne.

I teach yoga teachers and spiritual entrepreneurs how to build a successful online presence.


Are you ready to…

Create an online presence that attracts new students to your classes, workshops and retreats and increases your income like whoa? Authentically grow your followers on Facebook and Instagram & get more out of social media in less time?

If you’re a daring + driven yoga teacher or spiritual entrepreneur, then this site is for YOU. 

So, how can I help you?

Need a yoga website?

Get your 30-Day Website Launch Planner with everything you need to do to create a beautiful website for your business.

Free social media for yoga teachers course

Want more followers?

Learn how to get the most out of social media and authentically grow your tribe with my free social media course for yoga teachers.

Free Facebook Group

Looking for support?

Join my free Facebook group to connect with over 4,000 yoga teachers from around the world and get inspired to grow your online presence.

Susanne Rieker
Hi, I'm Susanne

I’m a yoga teacher, traveler and entrepreneur and I teach yoga teachers & spiritual entrepreneurs how to build a successful online presence.

Whether you’re just starting out as a yoga teacher and need a website or you’re getting serious about growing your traffic and social media tribe to fill up your classes, workshops and retreats, I’m here to help you make it happen.

I’ve been working in digital marketing for 20 years and am now living in Bali. I’m passionate about supporting yoga teachers on their online journey, using both my expertise and my understanding of the yoga world to help you find your digital marketing dharma.

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New in the blog marketing for yoga teachers

People freaking LOVE getting gifts. And it’s not only me saying that – research has actually proven that offering someone an unexpected gift is one of the quickest ways to form a bond with that person.


You know you need a yoga website. It’s your yoga teacher resume, brand and marketing vehicle all rolled into one. Having a yoga website can increase your number of students, allow you to build deeper relationships with them and help you secure new jobs and collaboration opportunities.

It’s time to turn off the music and tune in to a yoga podcast. There are so many new amazing yoga podcasts worth listening to. From yoga classes, to yoga philosophy, to the business of yoga, to subjects unrelated to yoga, the following podcasts will inspire you for sure.

Are you sometimes secretly scared of social media? Of posting something embarrassing? Or being simply wrong? It’s OK. No one is judging you here. It’s completely safe to say that you’re scared of social media. You are not alone.

Online Courses for Yoga Teachers
Free Social Media Course for Yoga Teachers

Join now and get 4 lessons on how to use social media, delivered a day-at-a-time straight to your email account, for free!

Build Your Yoga Tribe Course

Learn how to authentically grow your following on Facebook and Instagram & get more out of social media in less time.

Build Your Yoga Website

Get your step-by-step blueprint for yoga teachers how to create a beautiful website.

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