By Susanne Rieker

Have you ever asked a girl you met in a yoga class or a fellow teacher, “Hey, where did you buy those cute yoga pants?” or “What’s your favorite place for lunch around here?”

And then, based on what they say, you follow their recommendations. Not one hundred percent of the time, of course. But pretty often, right?

We are wired to respond to so called “social proof”, or word of mouth recommendation. If someone that you know, like and trust says, “This is awesome! You gotta try it!” then you are way more likely to give it a whirl.

How to get great testimonials from your yoga students

Student testimonials are a powerful form of social proof. When your visitors read praise from other people – and the praise feels real and genuine – then they are likely to feel more confident about purchasing a workshop or retreat from you.

How much more confident you ask? A freaking LOT.

Here are some stats:

  • 78% of Americans say that online reviews help them decide whether they should purchase a product or not.
  • 92% of consumers say that they trust testimonials above all other forms of advertising.
  • “Word of mouth” has been found to be the driving factor behind 20 – 50% percent of all purchasing decisions.

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Maybe you’re already asking your students for reviews and feedback and either they don’t respond or what they say feels lacking in genuine excitement. The PRAISE section on your website is looking as barren as a scorched desert. Fret not, my friend, I’m here to help you out.

Here’s my secret on getting your students to give you amazing reviews — without begging or being pushy and sleazy.

First, forget about asking them for a review or testimonial outright. Asking someone to write you a testimonial instantly makes them nervous. They’ll put it off until both of you have forgotten you ever asked for a simple testimonial in the first place.

Instead after a workshop or retreat send them an email with a few feedback questions that they can respond to without having to think too hard.

Keep it simple. Ask 3 to 5 questions, max. You want this feedback-giving experience to feel easy for them, not like an annoying homework assignment.

After that, it’s up to you…

When you get their answers, take the highlights from your student’s feedback and edit their words into a shorter, tighter testimonial. Yep, you are actually going to write it based on their feedback!

Ideally, you want to showcase the effect of your work and the results they have been getting. For example: “First, I was like this … then THIS happened … and now, thanks to [your name here], my life is like THIS!”.

Then, send them back a quick thank you note – and ask for their permission to post the testimonial you’ve edited together, maybe even with their name and photo.

And that’s it! Three simple, unsleazy steps to get amazing testimonials from your yoga students.

Here’s my secret on getting your students to give you amazing reviews — without begging, pleading or being pushy and creepy.