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From yoga teachers to health coaches, I’ve been able to work with some amazing people who have become real friends, even without ever having met them face-to-face.

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“I strongly recommend Susanne and her course „Build your own Yoga Website“ – I had mine finished in less than 20 days and I absolutely love it! The course is well structured, easy to understand even if you do not have any experience and Susanne is very helpful even in matters that exceed the scope of the course. She answered all my questions very quickly and was very encouraging and supportive. If you finally want your website set up properly go and join Susanne’s tribe!”

Daniela Meinl
“As a yoga teacher there are a million of things you ”should do” to market yourself and it can feel like a jungle out there in the digital world. Susanne provides valuable tips and shares her own personal experience (which is so nice – with REAL authentic sharing!) in a very humble way. I hired Susanne to give me a review of my website. I got super clear, professional feedback, with straightforward suggestions on how to improve it and that was very helpful. I love working with Susanne as she’s not ”just” a digital marketer but she’s a yoga teacher. This makes all the difference. To work with someone who really knows what it’s like in the yoga business industry, sees how the digital marketing world keeps evolving and adapts all of that to us teachers. Thank you Susanne for the work you do, helping us yoga teachers to keep spreading more goodness in the world in an authentic way!”
Lisa Andersson Rhodiner, Inspiro Yoga
“Susanne is a super organised digital marketing professional with an open and curious mind and a very happy healthy attitude to her work and clients. I enjoy the combination of Susanne’s great ideas, the way that she motivates you to be consistent in your focused effort, the way that she makes digital marketing sound and feel less daunting and awesome constructive feedback she provides. Besides being great at what she does, Susanne is very straightforward, easy to work with and fun, she’s got her feet on the ground and will expertly guide you through what you need to know about the digital marketing.”
As a new small business owner I really enjoyed working with Susanne in developing my website. Susanne was easy to communicate with and listened to what I wanted, and most importantly, made recommendations and provided options when I didn’t know what I wanted. She knows her stuff and has come up with some great and cost effective solutions for my website. She’s also taught me how to modify and update content myself so that I don’t depend on her beyond the development process.
Vanessa Kredler, Food Freedom Coaching
“Susanne know’s her stuff. She is not only knowledgeable about digital marketing but knows how to communicate with her clients in an inspirational way.  She has a way of putting a positive spin on everything. When she gave me suggestions for improvement on my website they made me feel motivated instead of discouraged. Her advice is always clear and easy to follow. I was able to make many changes on my own site with her guidance. I would highly recommend working with Susanne in as many ways as possible. I truly believe that with her guidance you will flourish.”
Abby Grajewski, Journey of Yoga

“I signed up for the Build Your Yoga Website course because I think the website template looked really good and I liked the option of getting talked through everything step by step. I tried building my website with a different theme before, but it was slow and I didn’t know how to customize things. Your course was exactly what I was looking for and thanks to your lessons it became so easy & kind of intuitive to work with WordPress. I’m really excited about how things are coming together now!”

Stefanie Rogge
“Susanne is awesome, period. I signed up to receive a free website review from her thinking it would be a short and thoughtless generic summary of what someone thought of my website. Boy was I wrong. What I received from her was a detailed, multiple-page review of my entire website with specific suggestions on what was there, what was missing, and what I could improve on. I felt like I was getting a professional and thorough report on my website, which I didn’t think was possible because ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’. What I got was lunch, dessert, and coffee! 🙂 Even though I signed up for this free promo she was offering, not once did she pressure me on anything else. In fact, it was ME who asked her if she had any kind of training available because she was THAT GOOD.”
Elizabeth, Beyond Namaste
“I highly recommend Susanne! She put together my website very fast and effectively. As a yoga teacher, I don’t have a lot of experience with web stuff and Susanne definitely goes the extra mile to help when I have difficulties with my website, like actually taking time to contact my provider and telling me what to do. Not only does she have strong work ethics, she has so much knowledge. I feel very confident that if you use her services, you will have a top notch experience. You’re in good hands!”
Rusty Davis, Rusty Davis Yoga